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From the Terrace **** (1960, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Myrna Loy, Leon Ames, Ina Balin, Felix Aylmer) – Classic Movie Review 6095

Producer-director Mark Robson’s 1960 drama has the inestimable advantage of starring Paul Newman and his real-life wife Joanne Woodward, whom he married on 29 January 1958. This fascinating film of John O’Hara’s mammoth, steamy novel is slightly […]

Oct, 14

I’ll Never Forget What’s ’Isname *** (1967, Oliver Reed, Orson Welles, Carol White) – Classic Movie Review 5898

Producer-director Michael Winner’s typically unsubtle 1967 Swinging Sixties tragi- comedy stars Oliver Reed as Andrew Quint, a conscience-stricken adman who smashes up his desk and quits the business for an honest life in literature, but […]

Aug, 11

Lovely to Look At *** (1952, Kathryn Grayson, Red Skelton, Howard Keel, Ann Miller, Marge Champion, Gower Champion, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Kurt Kasznar, Marcel Dalio) – Classic Movie Review 5740

Red Skelton stars as Al Marsh, who is bequeathed a Paris boutique and travels to France to sell the shop to stage a show in New York with Tony Naylor (Howard Keel) and Jerry Ralby […]

Jul, 10

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying **** (1967, Robert Morse, Michele Lee, Rudy Vallee) – Classic Movie Review 5447

Writer/ producer/ director David Swift’s 1967 musical is a most enjoyable, very jolly film of a great Broadway show about the New York window cleaner called J Pierpont Finch (Robert Morse) who consults the title book […]

Jun, 08

Rancid Aluminium * (2000, Rhys Ifans, Joseph Fiennes, Tara Fitzgerald, Steven Berkoff, Sadie Frost, Keith Allen, Dani Behr, Nick Moran, Barry Foster) – Classic Movie Review 5098

Ryhs Ifans stars as Pete Thompson, whose father dies and he expects to inherit the family business. But then his crooked accountant Sean Deeny (Joseph Fiennes) plots to sell it off to a Russian mob, […]

Mar, 04

Django Shoots First [Django Spara Per Primo] ** (1966, Glenn Saxson, Ida Galli, Fernando Sancho, Nando Gazzolo) – Classic Movie Review 4938

Glenn Saxson takes over as Django battling his late dad’s duplicitous business partner Ken Clusker (Nando Gazzolo) in director Alberto De Martino’s predictable though lusty 1966 spaghetti Western, with the usual revenge theme. More blood […]

Jan, 25

Nowhere to Run *½ (1993, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Rosanna Arquette, Kieran Culkin) – Classic Movie Review 4404

Jean-Claude Van Damme stars as an escaped convict called Sam Gillen hiding out with lovely young widow Clydie Anderson (Arquette) and her little son Mookie (Kieran Culkin, brother of Macaulay) and young daughter Bree (Tiffany Taubman). While Sam […]

Sep, 24


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