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The Liquidator ** (1965, Rod Taylor, Trevor Howard, Jill St John) – Classic Movie Review 5899

Director Jack Cardiff’s 1965 British spy action adventure stars Rod Taylor as American expatriate Boysie Oakes, a more cowardly relation of 007 recruited after the war of World War Two by a stiff-upper-lipped British intelligence […]

Aug, 11

Shadows **** (1959, Hugh Hurd, Leila Goldoni, Ben Carruthers, Anthony Ray, Dennis Sallas, Tom Allen, Rupert Crosse, David Jones) – Classic Movie Review 5754

A young orphaned African-American family battles to survive in Manhattan. Jazz player Hugh (Hugh Hurd) struggles to make a dollar or two singing in low bars; his sister Leila (Leila Goldoni) joins the phony art […]

Jul, 14

Hollow Point ** (1996, Donald Sutherland, John Lithgow, Thomas Ian Griffith, Tia Carrere) – Classic Movie Review 5233

Donald Sutherland is his usual brilliant self as Garret Lawton, a surprisingly principled hitman, in director Sidney J Furie’s otherwise unremarkable 1996 action comedy thriller, which is burdened down with the heavy weight two weak […]

Apr, 02

The Quiller Memorandum **** (1966, George Segal, Max von Sydow, Alec Guinness, Senta Berger, George Sanders, Robert Helpmann) – Classic Movie Review 5129

Director Michael Anderson’s excellent, engrossing and exciting 1966 British espionage thriller stars George Segal as American spy Quiller, who is sent to West Berlin by the British Secret Service to investigate a mysterious Neo-Nazi organisation, […]

Mar, 10

The Looking Glass War **½ (1969, Christopher Jones, Ralph Richardson, Anthony Hopkins, Paul Rogers, Pia Degermark, Susan George, Anna Massey) – Classic Movie Review 4849

Writer-director Frank R Pierson’s 1969 British thriller is a passable espionage entertainment, but it is hardly an ideal version of John le Carré’s thoughtful 1965 spy novel about the British intelligence agency called the Department […]

Jan, 05

The Tender Trap *** (1955, Frank Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds, David Wayne, Celeste Holm, Carolyn Jones, Lola Albright, James Drury) – Classic Movie Review 4758

Director Charles Walters’s bubbly 1955 MGM comedy stars Frank Sinatra as rich New York playboy bachelor Charlie Reader, a successful theatre agent who is trapped by the tender young actress Julie Gillis (Debbie Reynolds). Charlie […]

Dec, 08

Royal Wedding [Wedding Bells] ***½ (1950, Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Sarah Churchill, Peter Lawford, Keenan Wynn) – Classic Movie Review 3380

Director Stanley Donen’s tasty 1950 movie finds the MGM studios in the mood for cashing in the worldwide publicity and frenzy surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip with a cute musical with Fred Astaire and […]

Feb, 19


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