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The Waterdance **** (1992, Eric Stoltz, Helen Hunt, Wesley Snipes, William Forsythe) – Classic Movie Review 5133

Three very different men in wheelchairs confront their lives in a rehabilitation centre, in this warm and funny 1992 film, written and co-directed by Neal Jimenez, drawing on his personal experiences.

Writer/ author Joel Garcia (Eric Stoltz) has been permanently disabled in an accident, breaking his neck while hiking, and he struggles with his relationship with his married woman lover Anna (Helen Hunt).

Bloss, a racist biker (William Forsythe), fights with his accident lawsuit and is visited by his mom.

Raymond Hill (Wesley Snipes), a hard-living, exaggerating African American tough guy ladies’ man, tries to save his marriage.

Especially given the circumstances, writer-director Jimenez’s movie about struggling to deal with paralysis is a surprisingly upbeat, light-hearted, life-affirming comedy drama. And it is very pleasingly acted by the good cast, particularly by the easy-going Stoltz, who makes his mark strongly, without ever looking as though he is working hard.

The movie hits the spot, while avoiding the trap of being overtly or self-consciously heart-warming. Despite the possible tear-jerking implications of the title, there is no need for hankies.

Also in the cast is Elizabeth Peña, Grace Zabriskie, Kimberly Scott, Tony Genaro and William Allen Young.

Michael Steinberg co-directs.

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