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The Fatal Hour ** (1940, Boris Karloff, Marjorie Reynolds, Grant Withers) – Classic Movie Review 5605

In the sequel to Mr Wong in Chinatown (1939), The Fatal Hour is the well-plotted and intriguing fourth of the six-film Mr Wong crime thriller series. Boris Karloff again stars as Chinese sleuth James Lee Wong, with shooting starting on 28 November 1939 and a release date of 15 January 1940, a pretty fast turnaround.

It starts with Captain Bill Street’s buddy Dan Grady murdered. So Street calls for detective Wong, who uncovers a San Francisco waterfront smuggling ring connected to the killer, who strikes again.

Also in the cast are a returning Grant Withers as Captain Bill Street, Marjorie Reynolds back as Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Logan, Charles Trowbridge as John T Forbes, Frank Puglia as Harry ‘Hardway’ Lockett, Craig Reynolds as Frank Belden Jr, Lita Chevret as Tanya Serova, Harry Strang as Detective Ballard, Hooper Atchley as Frank Belden Sr, Jason Robards, Sr. as Griswold, Richard Loo as Jeweller and Jack Kennedy as Police Sergeant Mike.

The busy star quickly followed with Black Friday (1940) and this film’s sequel Doomed to Die (1940).

It was called Mr Wong at Headquarters in the UK.

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