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L’éternel retour [Love Eternal] **** (1943, Jean Marais, Madeleine Sologne, Jean Murat) – Classic Movie Review 5830

Jean Delannoy directs this strangely forgotten and sadly neglected 1943 film adaptation of the Tristan and Iseult [Isolde] legend, set in a magnificent château in 1940s France. The film’s neglect is truly surprisingly since the screenplay […]

Jul, 30

Notorious ***** (1946, Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Leopoldine Konstantin, Louis Calhern) – Classic Movie Review 233

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1946 end-of-the-war film noir masterpiece is one of his finest, most seductive movies. It is a devious twisted love story as much as a thrilling spy story. It all starts with a brilliant, masterly screenplay […]

Sep, 09


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