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Double Trouble * (1967, Elvis Presley, Annette Day, John Williams, Chips Rafferty, Norman Rossington) – Classic Movie Review 6260

Director Norman Taurog’s 1967 crime comedy musical is a harmless but really rather ghastly showcase for Elvis Presley, one of his weakest films. Chips Rafferty and Norman Rossington co-star as bumbling gem crooks pursuing rock singer […]

Nov, 15

Night Moves ***½ (1975, Gene Hackman, Jennifer Warren, Edward Binns) – Classic Movie Review 6020

Director Arthur Penn’s dark-toned and unusually complex 1975 psychological thriller stars Gene Hackman as Los Angeles private detective Harry Moseby, who tracks a former Hollywood actress’s runaway teenage daughter (played by a very young Melanie […]

Sep, 13

The Fuller Brush Girl *** (1950, Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, Carl Benton Reid) – Classic Movie Review 5705

Lucille Ball sweeps to success as Sally Elliot, a door-to-door make-up salesperson, trying to sell cosmetics door-to-door, but soon up to her neck in homicide when one of her customers is murdered and she is […]

Jul, 03

The Fatal Hour ** (1940, Boris Karloff, Marjorie Reynolds, Grant Withers) – Classic Movie Review 5605

In the sequel to Mr Wong in Chinatown (1939), The Fatal Hour is the well-plotted and intriguing fourth of the six-film Mr Wong crime thriller series. Boris Karloff again stars as Chinese sleuth James Lee Wong, […]

Jun, 14

Border Incident ***½ (1949, Ricardo Montalban, George Murphy, Howard Da Silva) – Classic Movie Review 5274

Director Anthony Mann’s 1949 film noir crime thriller lifts a mundane yarn about the law versus illegal Mexican immigrants by shooting it in a sharply realist fashion with John Alton’s noir-style black and white photography. […]

Apr, 10

Pals of the Saddle **½ (1938, John Wayne, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, Doreen McKay) – Classic Movie Review 4674

Director George Sherman’s 1938 Western is a modest and moderate John Wayne filler movie for Republic Studios, made under his old contract just before he had hit the big time with Stagecoach (1939). It is the first […]

Nov, 20

Pool of London ***½ (1950, Earl Cameron, Bonar Colleano, Susan Shaw, Renée Asherson, Moira Lister, Max Adrian, Jane Dowling, James Robertson Justice) – Classic Movie Review 4399

Director Basil Dearden’s vintage 1950 British thriller stars Earl Cameron as Johnny Lambert, a basically honest Jamaican seaman who gets up to his ears in his thieving American buddy Dan MacDonald (Bonar Colleano)’s diamond smuggling racket […]

Sep, 23


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