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Girls! Girls! Girls! ** (1962, Elvis Presley, Stella Stevens, Laurel Goodwin, Jeremy Slate) – Classic Movie Review 6238

Director Norman Taurog’s mediocre 1962 musical star vehicle stars Elvis Presley who really swings his hips around as sailor Ross Carpenter, and has so many women (or Girls! Girls! Girls!) after him that he doesn’t […]

Nov, 12

Lili **** (1953, Leslie Caron, Mel Ferrer, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Kurt Kasznar, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Amanda Blake, Alex Gerry) – Classic Movie Review 6196

Director-choreographer Charles Walters’s captivating, Oscar-winning 1953 MGM musical stars Leslie Caron as the naive French orphan and teenager Lili. She joins a travelling carnival as a waitress and meets a sad puppeteer called Paul (Mel Ferrer) […]

Nov, 05

A Woman’s Secret *** (1949, Maureen O’Hara, Melvyn Douglas, Gloria Grahame, Victor Jory, Bill Williams) – Classic Movie Review 6076

Director Nicholas Ray’s intriguing and unusual 1949 film noir-style mystery melodrama, with hints of Mildred Pierce and All About Eve, is based on a novel called Mortgage on Life by Vicki Baum, the author of […]

Oct, 11

Star! **** (1968, Julie Andrews, Richard Crenna, Michael Craig, Daniel Massey, Robert Reed, Bruce Forsyth, Beryl Reid) – Classic Movie Review 5937

Julie Andrews is ideally cast and absolutely fabulous in director Robert Wise’s stylish, thoroughly enjoyable 1968 musical biopic of Thirties British revue star and stage performer Gertrude Lawrence (1898-1952). The film was nominated for seven Oscars, winning none. It […]

Aug, 19

Mad Cows (1999, Anna Friel, Joanna Lumley, Anna Massey) – Classic Movie Review 5536

Every woman wants to be wanted – just not by the Metropolitan police force. Anna Friel stars as unwed, lippy Aussie Maddy, who gets arrested and jailed after a mix-up over a packet of frozen […]

Jun, 02

Sweet Dreams **** (1985, Jessica Lange, Ed Harris, Ann Wedgeworth) – Classic Movie Review 5181

Director Karel Reisz’s 1985 biopic stars the highly estimable Jessica Lange, who impersonates Fifties country singer Patsy Cline (and mimes to her recordings) in one of the best performances of her career in an extremely […]

Mar, 20

The Aristocats ***½ (1970, voices of Phil Harris, Eva Gabor, Maurice Chevalier, Sterling Holloway) – Classic Movie Review 5175

Producer-director Wolfgang Reitherman’s 1970 animated feature tells screen-writer Larry Clemmons’s story of an aristocratic cat and her three kittens, who are kidnapped and abandoned in the country by a mean butler who is afraid that they […]

Mar, 18


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