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Photographing Fairies ** (1997, Toby Stephens, Ben Kingsley, Edward Hardwicke, Frances Barber, Ben Kingsley, Emily Woof, Philip Davis) – Classic Movie Review 6289

A love story that extends into the next world, a spot of sleuthing with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Edward Hardwicke), and Steven Spielberg-style supernatural creatures flying around the English countryside. This 1997 British fantasy mystery […]

Nov, 22

The People that Time Forgot ** (1977, Doug McClure, Patrick Wayne, Sarah Douglas) – Classic Movie Review 6223

Doug McClure returns as Bowen Tyler in co-writer/ director Kevin Connor’s 1977 sequel to their 1974 Amicus hit The Land that Time Forgot. It is a forgettable, dated-looking affair about Major Ben McBride (Patrick Wayne)’s […]

Nov, 10

Point of No Return [The Assassin] ** (1993, Bridget Fonda, Gabriel Byrne, Miguel Ferrer, Anne Bancroft, Olivia D’Abo, Harvey Keitel, Dermot Mulroney) – Classic Movie Review 6030

Bridget Fonda stars as Maggie Hayward, a drug-addicted killer saved from execution by a government agency, when top-secret US government agent Bob (Gabriel Byrne) arranges a staged death for her,  and is trained as a top […]

Sep, 16

The Sky’s the Limit ***½ (1943, Fred Astaire, Joan Leslie, Robert Benchley, Robert Ryan) – Classic Movie Review 5164

Director Edward H Griffith’s skillful and purringly pleasing if minor 1943 RKO musical stars Fred Astaire as Fred Atwell, a Flying Tiger squadron aviator who flies into New York on leave from his squadron’s personal […]

Mar, 16

The Saint of Fort Washington *** (1993, Matt Dillon, Danny Glover, Rick Aviles, Nina Siemaszko, Ving Rhames, Joe Seneca) – Classic Movie Review 5134

Matt Dillon plays an emotionally disturbed, probably schizophrenic young man who is made homeless, then meets up with down-on-his-luck Vietnam vet Danny Glover at New York’s Fort Washington men’s homeless shelter, a harrowing place wracked […]

Mar, 11

Batman and Robin *** (1949, Robert Lowery, Johnny Duncan, Jane Adams) – Classic Movie Review 5108

Director Spencer Gordon Bennet’s 1949 vintage 15-part serial is lively, well cast, well acted, and entertaining for all its four hours and 23 minutes. Robert Lowery takes over from Lewis Wilson as Batman and Johnny […]

Mar, 06

Highway Dragnet ** (1954, Richard Conte, Joan Bennett, Wanda Hendrix, Reed Hadley) – Classic Movie Review 4977

Director Nathan Juran’s 1954 film noir thriller stars Richard Conte as James Henry, a US Marine hitch-hiker, a Korean War veteran, who is picked up by driving freelance magazine fashion photographer Mrs. Cummings (Joan Bennett) […]

Feb, 01


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