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The Funhouse *** (1981, Elizabeth Berridge, Kevin Conway, William Finley, Miles Chapin, Cooper Huckabee, Sylvia Miles, Shawn Carson, Jeanne Austin) – Classic Movie Review 5985

Directed by Tobe Hooper’s effectively nightmarish, teen-aimed 1981 American slasher horror film stars Elizabeth Berridge, Kevin Conway, William Finley, Cooper Huckabee, Miles Chapin, Largo Woodruff and Sylvia Miles, with Shawn Carson and Jeanne Austin. The film’s plot, in the […]

Aug, 28

The Crossing *** (1990, Russell Crowe, Robert Mammone, Danielle Spencer) – Classic Movie Review 5805

Director George Ogilvie’s 1990 Australian romance drama tells an attractive love triangle yarn. It is set in a small country town in Sixties Australia, keenly acted by the young Russell Crowe, Robert Mammone and Danielle […]

Jul, 23

Shadows and Fog ** (1991, Woody Allen, John Cusack, Mia Farrow, Kathy Bates, Jodie Foster, Lily Tomlin, Donald Pleasence, Madonna, Fred Gwynne, Julie Kavner, John Malkovich) – Classic Movie Review 5755

Writer-director-star Woody Allen’s 1991 movie pastiches the 1920s melodrama, complete with black and white and chiaroscuro effects, and a tale of a Jack the Ripper-style murderer on the loose in the shadows and fog. It […]

Jul, 14

Date Night ** (2010, Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Mark Wahlberg) – Classic Movie Review 5529

It’s time we had a really good comedy thriller again – it’s just this isn’t it. Likeable Steve Carell and Tina Fey have the right funny stuff as Phil and Claire Foster, an over-busy New […]

Jun, 01

Detour *** (2016, Tye Sheridan, Emory Cohen, Bel Powley, Stephen Moyer, John Lynch) – Movie Review

Detour is stylish and intriguing, smartly shot, and Tye Sheridan and co do a good job with the acting. But it never gets beyond interesting because it is way too self-conscious, emotionally chilly and tricksy […]

May, 21

Nocturama **** (2016, Finnegan Oldfield, Vincent Rottiers, Hamza Meziani, Manal Issa) – Movie Review

Writer-director Bertrand Bonello’s delirious, bonkers thriller is set in a troubled Paris, where a group of disaffected young men and women in their early twenties carry out four bomb attacks at various central locations and then hide […]

Oct, 17

The Cat and the Canary **** (1939, Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard, Gale Sondergaard, George Zucco) – Classic Movie Review 4426

Director Elliott Nugent remakes director Paul Leni’s famed 1927 silent classic The Cat and the Canary in 1939, with Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard starring this time. Goddard’s first star part in the movies casts her […]

Sep, 28


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