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Cimarron * (1960, Glenn Ford, Maria Schell, Anne Baxter, Arthur O’Connell, Vic Morrow, Russ Tamblyn, Mercedes McCambridge) – Classic Movie Review 6488

Director Anthony Mann’s 1961 remake of the classic 1931 Western film Cimarron, based on the novel by Edna Ferber, is slow, overblown and empty, running a plodding 147 minutes. It is a real disappointment, despite […]

Dec, 29

Someone’s Watching Me! **** (1978, Lauren Hutton, David Birney, Adrienne Barbeau, Charles Cyphers, James Murtaugh) – Classic Movie Review 6009

Writer-director John Carpenter 1978 classic TV movie thriller is in the best Alfred Hitchcock vein. It is suspensefully directed with a highly attractive, gutsy performance from Lauren Hutton as Leigh Michaels, a TV news director […]

Sep, 09

Letter from an Unknown Woman ***** (1948, Joan Fontaine, Louis Jourdan, Mady Christians) – Classic Movie Review 5247

Director Max Ophüls’s gloriously romantic 1948 movie provides a memorable walk on the wild side of romance here as Joan Fontaine’s character Lisa Berndle is overwhelmed by unrequited love for dashing but self-obsessed womanising pianist Stefan Brand (played […]

Apr, 03

Letter to Brezhnev **** (1985, Margi Clarke, Alexandra Pigg, Peter Firth, Alfred Molina) – Classic Movie Review 5246

Director Chris Bernard’s 1985 British comedy drama has a fine star team in Margi Clarke, Alexandra Pigg, Peter Firth and Alfred Molina and was a much-deserved big hit in its home UK. It tells a […]

Apr, 03

Tickle Me **½ (1965, Elvis Presley, Julie Adams, Jocelyn Lane) – Classic Movie Review 4854

Director Norman Taurog’s 1965 Elvis Presley musical sees the King starring as Lonnie Beale, a singing rodeo rider cowboy working as a stable boy on owner Vera Radford (Julie Adams)’s girly Arizona health farm dude […]

Jan, 07

The Notebook **** (2004, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, Gena Rowlands, Ryan Gosling, James Marsden, Joan Allen, Sam Shepard) – Classic Movie Review 4765

Nicholas Sparks’s famous 1996 romantic epic novel arrives on screen in 2004 courtesy director Nick Cassavetes and a screenplay by Jeremy Leven (adaptation by Jan Sardi). Incredibly popular as the 15th highest-grossing romantic drama film of all time, and […]

Dec, 06

The Private Affairs of Bel Ami **** (1947, George Sanders, Angela Lansbury, Ann Dvorak, Frances Dee, John Carradine, Hugo Haas, Marie Wilson, Albert Bassermann) – Classic Movie Review 4680

Unique writer-director Albert Lewin’s weird and wonderful 1947 movie is a gloriously witty version of Guy de Maupassant’s famous 1885 novel Bel Ami about a journalist trampling over women on the road to success. This […]

Nov, 21


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