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A Civil Action **** (1998, John Travolta, Robert Duvall, Kathleen Quinlan) – Classic Movie Review 5403

Writer-director Steven Zaillian’s excellent 1998 legal drama comes out fighting and wins in a knockout. It stars John Travolta as tenacious plaintiff’s attorney Jan Schlichtmann and Robert Duvall as his canny old opponent, Jerry Facher, the […]

May, 06

Inspiration ** (1931, Greta Garbo, Robert Montgomery, Lewis Stone) – Classic Movie Review 5322

Producer-director Clarence Brown’s rarely shown 1931 MGM movie is a plush but uninspired romantic vehicle for the great Greta Garbo. She stars as Yvonne Valbret, a Parisian bohemian artists’ model who has to say goodbye […]

Apr, 19

The Incredibles **** (2004, Craig T Nelson, Samuel L Jackson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee, Brad Bird) – Classic Movie Review 2648

Retired superheroes Mr Incredible and Elastigirl are called back to action on a secret assignment. Little do they know that Syndrome, once rejected as Incrediboy, is out to destroy all superheroes… This clever Pixar/Disney 2004 […]

Jun, 27


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