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Bloody Mama **** (1970, Shelley Winters, Pat Hingle, Don Stroud, Diane Varsi, Bruce Dern, Robert De Niro, Robert Walden, Alex Nicol) – Classic Movie Review 5368

Producer-director Roger Corman’s exciting and fast-moving 1970 gangster thriller cheapie stars the redoubtable Shelley Winters, who eagerly grabs her fine acting chance and her machine gun as uber-forceful Thirties mobster Kate ‘Ma’ Barker. Ma leads […]

Apr, 29

New York Confidential **** (1955, Broderick Crawford, Richard Conte, Anne Bancroft, Marilyn Maxwell, J Carrol Naish) – Classic Movie Review 5212

Co-writer/ director Russell Rouse’s tremendous hardboiled 1955 gangster movie is both revealing and exciting. It tells the story about the rise and fall of corrupt businessman Charlie Lupo (Broderick Crawford)’s crime ring in Manhattan, New […]

Mar, 28

The Roaring Twenties ***** (1939, James Cagney, Priscilla Lane, Humphrey Bogart, Gladys George, Jeffrey Lynn) – Classic Movie Review 3677

Director Raoul Walsh’s essential, rousing 1939 gangster movie stars James Cagney in one of his key roles. It’s a tale of three buddies trying survive in Prohibition America after fighting together in World War One. Cagney […]

May, 08

Public Enemies **** (2009, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Billy Crudup, David Wenham, Marion Cotillard, Stephen Graham, Stephen Lang, Channing Tatum, Giovanni Ribisi, Stephen Dorff) – Classic Movie Review 3353

Twinkling with dangerous devil-may-care charm, Johnny Depp impresses as public enemy number one John Dillinger in Michael Mann’s heart-pounding 2009 epic biopic of the Depression-era bank robber who became a celebrity criminal and number one […]

Feb, 13

Dillinger **** (1973, Warren Oates, Ben Johnson, Michelle Phillips, Cloris Leachman, Harry Dean Stanton, Richard Dreyfuss, Steve Kanaly, Geoffrey Lewis, John P Ryan, John Martino, Roy Jenson) – Classic Movie Review 3241

Writer-director John Milius’s 1973 thriller for American International Pictures casts Warren Oates in his first starring role as America’s public enemy number one John Dillinger. Début director Milius’s gangster movie is tough, pulsating and uncompromising […]

Jan, 05

The Fall of the Krays ***½ (2015, Simon Cotton, Kevin Leslie, James Weber Brown, Josh Myers) – Movie Review

Taut, tense and well-made, director Zackary Adler’s welcome and essential sequel to his The Rise of the Krays is a lean, mean, spare, non-glamourised London crime thriller. It’s grittier and less of a show than Legend (2015). […]

Dec, 21

Carlito’s Way ***** (1993, Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller, John Leguizamo, Viggo Mortensen, Adrian Pasdar, Ingrid Rogers, Luis Guzman, James Rebhorn) – Classic Movie Review 1237

Director Brian De Palma’s 1993 movie is a masterly mob thriller, a worthy successor to his own Scarface and The Untouchables, with some of his greatest set pieces. His Scarface star Al Pacino gives a knockout […]

May, 21


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