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The Range Feud ** (1931, Buck Jones, John Wayne, Susan Fleming) – Classic Movie Review 5483

Director D Ross Lederman’s 1931 Buck Jones Western may be just a cheap, assembly-line movie but it is briskly handled and entertaining. Disaster strikes when the new sheriff in town, Buck Gordon (Buck Jones), has no […]

May, 19

Twisted Nerve ** (1968, Hayley Mills, Hywel Bennett, Billie Whitelaw, Phyllis Calvert, Frank Finlay, Barry Foster, Christian Roberts) – Classic Movie Review 4031

The Boulting brothers make a risky dabble in the prejudices of popular psychiatry for director Roy Boulting’s crudely done though interesting 1968 British chiller, reuniting young stars Hywel Bennett and Hayley Mills from their hit […]

Jul, 16

Clockwise **** (1986, John Cleese, Alison Steadman, Geoffrey Palmer, Penelope Wilton) – Classic Movie Review 3787

John Cleese is on top Basil Fawlty-style manic comedy form as obsessively punctual Brian Stimpson, a pompous British comprehensive school headmaster with a punctuality problem and anger management issues, in Christopher Morahan’s funny and appealing traditional […]

May, 30

House of Bamboo ***½ (1955, Robert Stack, Robert Ryan, Sessue Hayakawa, Brad Dexter, Shirley Yamaguchi, Cameron Mitchell, Biff Elliot) – Classic Movie Review 3465

Cult writer-director Samuel Fuller’s good-looking 1955 film noir crime thriller about an American protection racket in Tokyo is commendably gritty, tough and edgy. The always reliable actor Robert Stack stars as the undercover agent, US […]

Mar, 11

I Want to Live! **** (1958, Susan Hayward, Simon Oakland, Virginia Vincent) – Movie Review 3404

Susan Hayward’s Best Actress Oscar-winning portrayal of Barbara Graham, a card-sharp, thief and prostitute who was sentenced to die in the San Quentin gas chamber for a murder no one is sure she committed, is […]

Feb, 24

The Long Goodbye **** (1973, Elliott Gould, Sterling Hayden, Nina Van Pallandt) – Classic Movie Review 1881

Director Robert Altman’s 1973 neo-noir film of Raymond Chandler’s 1953 novel is expectedly updated to the Seventies but unexpectedly stars a laconic Elliott Gould as the hardboiled but chivalrous and honourable private eye Philip Marlowe, […]

Nov, 24

Brazil ***** (1985, Jonathan Pryce, Kim Greist, Robert De Niro, Jim Broadbent, Michael Palin, Ian Holm, Ian Richardson, Peter Vaughan) – Classic Movie Review 836

Co-writer/director Terry Gilliam’s dazzling 1985 movie provides an ambitious, horrifying vision of a dystopian world in the style of George Orwell’s novel 1984, predicting and condemning a bizarrely convoluted and inefficient state. Gilliam’s nightmarish vision makes for […]

Feb, 16


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