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Sinister *** (2012, Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, Fred Dalton Thompson, James Ransone) – Classic Movie Review 4814

Co-writer/ director Scott Derrickson’s implausible but satisfyingly twisty and scary 2012 British-American supernatural horror film (written with C Robert Cargill) finds a good star role for Ethan Hawke as fictional washed-up true-crime writer Ellison Oswalt who discovers a box of super 8 home movies in his attic that puts his family in mortal danger.

Oswalt has moved his unsuspecting family into a house where a horrific crime previously took place, and begins researching the crime to write a new book. The snuff movies he finds suggest the murder he is researching is the work of a serial killer dating back to the Sixties.

Also in the cast are Juliet Rylance, Fred Dalton Thompson, James Ransone, Michael Hall D’Addario and Clare Foley.

A sequel, Sinister 2, was released on 21 August 2015.

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