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Nightbreed *** (1990, Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby, David Cronenberg, Charles Haid) – Classic Movie Review 6112

Writer-director Clive Barker (Hellraiser) adapts his own novel Cabal for this intelligent 1990 horror thriller starring Craig Sheffer as Aaron Boone / Cabal, a demented serial killer forced to hide in a legendary mythical city called Midian peopled by the living dead of mutant outcasts.

He is pursued by the psychiatrist Dr Philip K Decker (chillingly played by the film director David Cronenberg), his girlfriend Lori Winston (Anne Bobby) and the sadistic cop Captain Eigerman (Charles Haid).

Nightbreed is an impressive celebration of the seriously strange, with creepy performances, scary monsters, spectacular makeup and sets, all effectively orchestrated by the clever and talented Mr Barker.

Also in the cast are Hugh Ross, Hugh Quarshie, Doug Bradley, Catherine Chevalier and Oliver Parker.

Running minutes, this Morgan Creek release is is shot by Robin Vidgeon, produced by Gabriella Martinelli, scored by Danny Elfman and designed by Steve Hardie.

 Cabal Cut.

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