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High Rolling * (1977, Joseph Bottoms, Grigor Taylor, Wendy Hughes, John Clayton, Judy Davis) – Classic Movie Review 4997

Director Igor Auzins’s 1977 Australian buddy comedy drama stars Joseph Bottoms and Grigor Taylor as Tex and Alby, two fun-loving carnival men who set off on the Aussie road to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in a hot Corvette.

They fleece a gay man (John Clayton), then pick up 16-year-old hitch-hiker drifter Lynn (Judy Davis) and a pair of exotic nightclub disco dancers, Barbie (Wendy Hughes) and Susie (Sandy McGregor). Next the quintet botches a bus heist, hijacking a tourist bus.

Forest Redlich’s screenplay is an obvious, faintly repellent and none too riveting mix of buddy comedy, road movie, character drama and crime thriller.

Davis makes little impression in her debut, just before she became a star with her next film, My Brilliant Career. Also in the cast are Simon Chilvers, Gus Mercurio, Robert Hewitt, Roger Ward and Peter Cummins.

The faintly repellent bit comes when Arnold makes unwanted advances towards Alby, who beats him up and Alby and Tex flee with Arnold’s suitcase and car.

The soundtrack is by the Australian band Sherbet.

It is also known as High Rolling in a Hot Corvette.

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