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Bedrooms and Hallways *** (1998, Kevin McKidd, James Purefoy, Jennifer Ehle, Julie Graham, Simon Callow, Harriet Walter) – Classic Movie Review 4388


A gay man called Leo (Kevin McKidd) joins group help sessions, and confesses his feelings for another man (James Purefoy). They enjoy a thing, but then Purefoy’s school old flame (Jennifer Ehle) turns up.

Director Rose Troche’s provocative 1998 British movie is a semi-successful comedy in the interesting category. There are not too many laughs, but it is often amusing and lots of good ideas abound. But then there are also one or two embarrassing scenes and dodgy moments.


Some of the actors give too much in overlarge performances and director Troche doesn’t always seem quite in control of her material. The sexual politics are absolutely right on, though, while Simon Callow and Harriet Walter are very funny.

Also in the cast are Con O’Neill, Tom Hollander, Hugo Weaving, Julie Graham, Christopher Fulford, Paul Higgins, Merelina Kendall, Victoria Williams, Simon Green and Nichola McAuliffe.

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