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The Young Don’t Cry *** (1957, Sal Mineo, James Whitmore, J Carrol Naish) – Classic Movie Review 9859

Director Alfred L Werker’s downbeat 1957 American troubled youth crime drama film The Young Don’t Cry from Columbia Pictures stars Sal Mineo, James Whitmore and J Carrol Naish. Richard Jessup writes the sincere screenplay from […]

Jun, 03 · in Reviews

A Private’s Affair ** (1959, Sal Mineo, Christine Carère, Barry Coe, Gary Crosby, Barbara Eden, Terry Moore, Jim Backus, Jessie Royce Landis) – Classic Movie Review 9860

Director Raoul Walsh’s 1959 comedy A Private’s Affair is a story of military mayhem, with a trio of naughty young servicemen – US Army private Luigi J Maresi (Sal Mineo), Jerry Morgan (Barry Coe) and […]

Jun, 03 · in Reviews

Escape from Zahrain * (1962, Yul Brynner, Sal Mineo, Jack Warden, Madlyn Rhue, Anthony Caruso) – Classic Movie Review 9858

Director Ronald Neame’s 1962 Escape from Zahrain is escapist adventure nonsense in which Sharif (Yul Brynner), an Arabian captured rebel leader, is freed by young revolutionaries and flees from the law from the fictitious Arab […]

Jun, 03

Tonka ** (1958, Sal Mineo, Philip Carey, Jerome Courtland) – Classic Movie Review 9857

Italian American Sal Mineo is odd, awkward casting but gets a useful role in Walt Disney Productions’s junior 1958 Western adventure film Tonka [A Horse Named Comanche] about a young Sioux Indian boy called White […]

Jun, 03

The Gene Krupa Story ** (1959, Sal Mineo, Susan Kohner, James Darren) – Classic Movie Review 9856

Director Don Weis’s 1959 black and white biographical music drama The Gene Krupa Story [Drum Crazy] stars Sal Mineo plays the famous jazz drummer Gene Krupa, whose use of alcohol and marijuana led to jail […]

Jun, 02

The Delinquents *** (1957, Tom Laughlin, Peter Miller, Richard Bakalyan, Rosemary Howard) – Classic Movie Review 9855

The 1957 American teenage exploitation drama The Delinquents is the first film directed by Robert Altman and the first to star Tom Laughlin. It also helped to kick start Richard Bakalyan’s career playing juvenile delinquents. […]

Jun, 02

Dino *** (1957, Sal Mineo, Brian Keith, Susan Kohner, Pat DeSimone, Frank Faylen, Joe De Santis, Penny Santon, Richard Bakalyan) – Classic Movie Review 9854

Director Thomas Carr’s 1957 film Dino stars Sal Mineo, who does his juvenile delinquent turn again (and very well too) in a solid, rather touching little drama based on script-writer Reginald Rose’s own 1956 TV […]

Jun, 02



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