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"The Review's Better Than The Film"

Lady Bird *** (2017, Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts, Lois Smith, Lucas Hedges, Timothée Chalamet) – Movie Review

Lady Bird has its charms, a lot of them, but is way over-praised. It is best to come to it fresh, without knowledge or expectations of it. Then it might well charm and impress. It […]

Feb, 25 · in Reviews

Dark River ** (2017, Ruth Wilson, Mark Stanley, Sean Bean) – Movie Review

Writer-director Clio Barnard’s dark and gloomy 2017 drama Dark River is a harrowing, depressing experience and a none too successful movie, afflicted by some of the inevitable clichés of the family abuse genre. However, the two […]

Feb, 25 · in Reviews

Birth of the Dragon *** (2016, Philip Ng, Yu Xia, Billy Magnussen) – 2018 Movie Review

Director George Nolfi’s action biopic is based on the late Sixties San Francisco showdown between a then up-and-coming Bruce Lee (Philip Wan-Lung Ng) and legendary kung fu master Wong Jack Man (Xia Yu). Philip Ng […]

Feb, 25

Finding Your Feet ** (2017, Timothy Spall, Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie, Joanna Lumley, David Hayman, John Sessions, Josie Lawrence) – Movie Review

Finding Your Feet is a guaranteed crowd pleaser with two bona fide national treasures in Imelda Staunton and Timothy Spall, plus a great performance by Celia Imrie. Director Richard Loncraine’s often funny and charming Finding Your […]

Feb, 25

Baby Blue Marine ** (1976, Jan-Michael Vincent, Glynnis O’Connor, Katherine Helmond, Dana Elcar, Bert Remsen, Bruce Kirby) – Classic Movie Review 6734

Director John Hancock’s 1976 drama stars Jan-Michael Vincent as a US marine who is sent home during World War Two after failing basic training and takes the war vet uniform of an actual battle hero who […]

Feb, 25

Monster Hunt 2 [Zhuo yao ji 2] ** (2018, Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Baihe Bai, Boran Jing) – Movie Review

Director Raman Hui’s fantasy movie sequel is good natured enough and fun up to a point, with game performances and a good, costly looking production, with lovely and lavish art direction. But Monster Hunt 2 is […]

Feb, 24

Tribes [The Soldier Who Declared Peace] **** (1970, Jan-Michael Vincent, Darren McGavin, Earl Holliman) – Classic Movie Review 6733

Director Joseph Sargent’s 1970 American TV movie Tribes was thought good enough to show in British cinemas, with its powerful tale of a US Marine Corps drill instructor, Gunnery Sergeant Tom Drake (Darren McGavin), taking on […]

Feb, 24



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