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The Crater Lake Monster * (1977, Richard Cardella, Glen Roberts, Mark Siegel) – Classic Movie Review 8598

Director William R Stromberg’s hopelessly inept 1977 horror fantasy movie The Crater Lake Monster lacks in thrills, chills and terror and scores only for unintentional laughs, wooden performances and an OK animated dinosaur monster (stop […]

Jun, 16 · in Uncategorized

The Card [The Promoter] *** (1952, Alec Guinness, Glynis Johns, Petula Clark, Valerie Hobson, Edward Chapman) – Classic Movie Review 8597

Director Ronald Neame’s 1952 British black and white comedy The Card [The Promoter] stars Alec Guinness, who comes up trumps (did he ever give a poor performance?) as opportunist entrepreneur Edward Henry ‘Denry’ Machin, the […]

Jun, 16 · in Reviews

Barnacle Bill [All at Sea] *** (1957, Irene Browne, Percy Herbert, Harold Goodwin, Maurice Denham) – Classic Movie Review 8596

Director Charles Frend’s 1957 black and white film Barnacle Bill [All at Sea] stars Alec Guinness as a seasick matelot, Captain William Horatio Ambrose, who buys a seaside hotel, which he dubs Arabella, and an […]

Jun, 16

Sparrows Can’t Sing **** (1963, James Booth, Barbara Windsor, Roy Kinnear) – Classic Movie Review 8595

Director Joan Littlewood brings her Stratford East London stage hit to the screen with all its sparkle and enthusiasm intact in the 1962 British black and white comedy Sparrows Can’t Sing. It is a thoroughly […]

Jun, 16

Diego Maradona **** (2019, Diego Armando Maradona, Claudia Villafañe, Corrado Ferlaino) – Movie Review

Director Asif Kapadia’s hugely enjoyable and informative sport documentary Diego Maradona (2019) gets on the case of an excellent story, and tells it exceptionally well. It is quite a rollercoaster ride, gripping throughout its 130 […]

Jun, 15

Butley **** (1974, Alan Bates, Jessica Tandy, Richard O’Callaghan, Susan Engel) – Classic Movie Review 8594

‘His wife just left him for another man. And so did his boy friend.’ Director Harold Pinter’s 1973 drama Butley is a stage-bound but entertaining and revealing film of one of the Seventies most ear-catching […]

Jun, 15

Men in Black: International * (2019, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson) – Movie Review

Director F Gary Gray’s Men in Black: International (2019) is a weak and witless reboot, dumping the original cast, in which an American woman (Tessa Thompson) somehow pushes her way into the Men in Black […]

Jun, 14



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