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Nighthawks *** (1981, Sylvester Stallone, Rutger Hauer, Billy Dee Williams, Nigel Davenport, Lindsay Wagner, Persis Khambatta) – Classic Movie Review 8396

Sylvester Stallone stars in Nighthawks (1981) as New York City street cop Deke DaSilva, who reluctantly takes on the job of terminating international terrorist Heymar ‘Wulfgar’ Reinhardt (played by Rutger Hauer) when he blows up a […]

Apr, 24 · in Reviews

Fear in the Night **** (1947, Paul Kelly, DeForest Kelley, Ann Doran) – Classic Movie Review 8395

Writer-director Maxwell Shane’s 1947 black and white film noir Fear in the Night is a neat, enjoyable little puzzle thriller with an exceptionally satisfying plot about a bank clerk called Vince Grayson (DeForest Kelley) who […]

Apr, 24 · in Reviews

Nightmare **** (1956, Edward G Robinson, Kevin McCarthy, Connie Russell, Virginia Christine) – Classic Movie Review 8394

Kevin McCarthy stars in producers William H Pine and William C Thomas’s 1956 little black and white film noir gem Nightmare as Stan Grayson, a jazz musician in New Orleans who wakes from a dream […]

Apr, 24

My Learned Friend **** (1943, Will Hay, Claude Hulbert, Mervyn Johns) – Classic Movie Review 8393

Will Hay’s last film My Learned Friend, directed in 1943 by Basil Dearden and Will Hay, is extremely funny and has the bonus of an unusually macabre edge to it. Hay plays seedy lawyer William […]

Apr, 24

The Ghost of St Michael’s **** (1941, Will Hay, Claude Hulbert, Felix Aylmer, Raymond Huntley) – Classic Movie Review 8392

Director Marcel Varnel’s 1941 vintage British black and white comedy thriller The Ghost of St Michael’s stars Will Hay again as a tatty teacher called William Lamb involved with spies once more. Hay takes on […]

Apr, 23

Convict 99 *** (1938, Will Hay, Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt, Basil Radford, Googie Withers) – Classic Movie Review 8391

Will Hay gets to do his priceless tatty teacher turn again as disgraced school master Dr Benjamin Twist, in director Marcel Varnel’s pleasant and mildly amusing 1938 vintage British black and white comedy Convict 99, […]

Apr, 23

Class Action ** (1991, Gene Hackman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Colin Friels) – Classic Movie Review 8390

Gene Hackman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio star as father and daughter San Francisco lawyers Jed and Maggie Ward, who battle on opposite sides of a lawsuit, in director Michael Apted’s 1990 thriller Class Action. Will […]

Apr, 23



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