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Wrong Turn *** (2003, Eliza Dushku, Desmond Harrington, Lindy Booth, Kevin Zegers, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jeremy Sisto, Julian Richings) – Classic Movie Review 1112


Director Rob Schmidt’s 2003 horror movie is quite capable and stylish and packs a bit of an unpleasantly scary punch, making it stand out from the crowd.


Desmond Harrington stars as 20something Chris Flynn, who is driving his car for a job interview in another city, takes a wrong turn, meets a group of five friends and ends up having to battle Hills Have Eyes-style mutated mountain men hunting them all down.


By 2014 there are five sequels. The plot of each movie is more or less the same, following families of deformed cannibals who hunt a group of people in West Virginia, killing them for food in horrific ways, with a mix of traps and weapons.


The three main regular characters in the series are Three Finger (Julian Richings), Saw-Tooth (Garry Robbins) and One-Eye (Ted Clark), who in this one stalk a group of six friends. Driver Chris Flynn (Harrington) has to make a detour after a chemical spillage on the road he had been travelling. He looks for an alternative route through the mountains of West Virginia but makes a wrong turn and crashes into another car parked in the middle of the road with flat tyres that’s fallen foul of one of the family’s road traps.


Chris meets a group of five friends, who intended to camp in the forest, and they decide to leave the couple Francine and Evan (Lindy Booth and Kevin Zegers) behind, while Chris, Jessie (Eliza Dushku), Carly and her fiancé Scott (Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jeremy Sisto) try to seek help. But then the group discover a weird cabin in the middle of nowhere belonging to three violent cannibalistic mountain men in-breds, who start to hunt them down one by one as the two couples desperately  try to escape.


Written by Alan M McElroy, this is a grisly, often thrilling chiller, with lots of edge-of-seat tension and suspense, plus some very good big shocks. It all really works quite well, even though it proceeds along such familiar lines.


Three Finger is in all films as the main monster but Saw-Tooth and One-Eye don’t appear in 2 and 3 but return for 4 and 5. Harrington and Dushku only did the one movie.

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