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Undersea Girl * (1957, Mara Corday, Pat Conway, Dan Seymour, Florence Marly) – Classic Movie Review 4957

Mara Corday, Pat Conway and Dan Seymour star as a reporter, a US Navy investigator and a police lieutenant who join the hunt for loot stashed undersea in a scuttled vessel in director John Peyser’s unexciting 1957 murder thriller.

Arthur V Jones’s original story and screenplay desperately try for novelty but they raise no thrills. The movie is interesting, however, for its unusual premise and its intriguing cast, as well as a little bit of vigour in the handling.

It is shot by Hal McAlpin, but Edwin Gillette did the undersea photography.

Also in the cast are Ralph Clanton, Florence Marly, Myron Healey, Lewis Charles, Jerry Eskow, Dehl Berti, Mickey Simpson, Sue George and Mike Mason.

It was released in a double bill with Teenage Doll.

Showgirl, model, actress, Playboy Playmate and Fifties cult figure Mara Corday (born Marilyn Joan Watts on 3 January 1930) is a lifelong friend of Clint Eastwood.

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