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Three Strange Loves [Törst[ [Thirst] *** (1949, Eva Henning, Birger Malmsten, Birgit Tengroth) – Classic Movie Review 4836

Director Ingmar Bergman’s intriguing, well-detailed early 1949 movie still has a strong emotional pull but its appeal is mainly for his diehard fans who want to be completist.

Eva Henning and Birger Malmsten play a needy, mismatched married couple who quarrel on the way back from Italy to Sweden. Henning recalls her past loves and her dance career.

Herbert Grevenius’s screenplay is based on the novel of short stories by Birgit Tengroth, who also appears as the widow Viola, who finds herself fighting off unwanted advances by a psychiatrist and a lesbian.

They tried to make it sound sexy to sell it: ‘A love story so provocative only Bergman would dare to film it.’

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