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The Spider ** (1945, Richard Conte, Faye Marlowe, Kurt Kreuger, John Harvey, Martin Kosleck, Ann Savage) – Classic Movie Review 4350


Director Robert Webb’s 1945 remake of directors William Cameron Menzies and Kenneth MacKenna’s 1931 film noir suspense thriller is claustrophobic and intricate enough if only moderate.

Richard Conte plays Chris Conlon, the ex-cop gumshoe paid by a female mind-reading prestidigitator (Faye Marlowe) – that’s a sleight-of-hand artist or magician – to try to find her long-lost sister and then to reveal the identity of a killer by stage trickery.


On the screen with a script by W Scott Darling, it loses its entrancing theatrical effect that it had as a hit stage play by Foulton Oursler and Lowell Brenatano. But the good cast help to keep you watching. Also in the cast are Kurt Kreuger, John Harvey, Martin Kosleck, Mantan Moreland, Walter Sande, Cara Williams, Ann Savage, James Flavin, William Halligan, Lane Chandler, Charles Tannen, Harry Seymour, Jean Del Val, Odette Vigne and Eddie Hart.

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