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The Real Blonde **** (1997, Matthew Modine, Catherine Keener, Daryl Hannah, Marlo Thomas, Maxwell Caulfield) – Classic Movie Review 1781


Writer-director Tom DiCillo’s bright 1997 showbiz comedy stars a well-paired and charismatic Matthew Modine and Catherine Keener.

They are very appealing as a struggling actor and his makeup artist girlfriend in this thoroughly likeable, funny and attractively easy-going comedy set in the real world of American showbiz’s lower reaches.

Modine and Keener play Joe and Mary, a long-term Manhattan couple. Frustrated Joe still has no agent or acting credits and has the traditional job as a waiter, while Mary is doing well, working as a stylist for hot fashion photographer Blair (Marlo Thomas). Joe takes a demeaning gig on a Madonna video, while his co-worker buddy Bob (Maxwell Caulfield) gets real money on a soap opera starring Kelly (Daryl Hannah).


DiCillo’s witty script is the real deal. It’s credible and truthful as well as amusing and occasionally touching.

Elizabeth Berkley, Bridgette Wilson, Buck Henry, Christopher Lloyd, Kathleen Turner and Denis Leary also star.

This is the fourth film from cult favourite DiCillo, after Johnny Suede (1991), Living in Oblivion (1995) and Box of Moon Light (1996).

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Maxwell Caulfield plays Joe’s co-worker buddy Bob.

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