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The Fiend Who Walked the West ** (1958, Hugh O’Brian, Dolores Michaels, Robert Evans, Edward Andrews, Linda Cristal, Stephen McNally, Ron Ely) – Classic Movie Review 6086

Director Gordon Douglas’s 1958 film is a full-blooded Western reworking of ideas from the 1947 Kiss of Death, with Robert Evans going over the top as a psychotic murderer (the part that made Richard Widmark a star in the original) called Daniel Slade Hardy.

He comes out of jail with fellow prisoner Hugh O’Brian’s robbery secrets and roots out his buddy for the loot, terrorising O’Brian’s wife (Linda Cristal) along the way. O’Brian is freed too to capture him.

Brutal for its day, the Western remake movie is still watchable, but it is none too convincing thanks to uncertainly pitched performances. Evans’s acting fulfills the lurid promise of the title so he cannot be blamed for any incredulity or yawns the film inspires.

Harry Brown and Philip Yordan’s screenplay is based on Eleazar Lipsky’s story.

Also in the cast are Dolores Michaels, Edward Andrews, Stephen McNally, Ron Ely, June Blair, Ken Scott, Emile Meyer, Gregory Morton and Sari Lee Bernath.

It runs 101 minutes, is released by 20th Century Fox, is shot in black and white and widescreen by Joe MacDonald, is produced by Herbert B Swope Jr, and is scored by Leon Klatzkin.

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