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The Brain from Planet Arous **½ (1958, John Agar, Joyce Meadows, Robert Fuller) – Classic Movie Review 4347


Director Nathan Juran’s 1958 sci-fi movie is incomparably awful stuff, in which a gelatinous, water-logged brain with eyes (named Gor) possesses the body of scientist Doctor Steve March (John Agar) in an attempt to rule the world.

But a rival brain (Vol) from outer space works with March’s future wife Sally Fallon (Joyce Meadows), possesses Agar’s dog, and a breathtaking confrontation will decide the world’s fate.

John Agar plays scientist Doctor Steve March.

Juran’s so terrible it’s entertaining movie is bizarrely amusing virtually throughout, with acting and effects to match.

Also in the cast are Robert Fuller, Thomas Browne Henry, Henry Travis, Kenneth Terrell, E Leslie Thomas, and Tim Graham. Morris Ankrum is listed but does not appear.

The director is credited as Nathan Hertz.

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