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Texas Across the River ** (1966, Dean Martin, Alain Delon, Joey Bishop, Rosemary Forsyth, Tina Aumont, Peter Graves, Andrew Prine, Michael Ansara) – Classic Movie Review 4779


Director Michael Gordon’s 1966 tongue-in-cheek comedy Western is a passable old-style entertainment but at heart it is just a humble B-movie programme filler movie, with only mild entertainment value.

The handsome French street tough guy actor Alain Delon might have liked an international career but he was not easy to integrate into American films, partly because of his strong French accent, and here he crops up very oddly cast as a Spanish nobleman, Don Andrea de Baldazar, helping Texas cowboy Sam Hollis (Martin) and Indian woman Loretta (Aumont) across Comanche land with a consignment of guns.


Nevertheless, Martin is amusing (except when he keeps calling De Baldazar ‘Baldy’), Delon is a very welcome presence, and the movie likeable enough, with its satirical spin, as a fun Sixties romp. However, Martin’s Rat Pat buddy Joey Bishop is embarrassing as an Indian called Kronk.

Tina Aumont (credited as Tina Marquand), who plays Lonetta, is Jean-Pierre Aumont’s daughter. It co-stars Rosemary Forsyth as Phoebe Ann Naylor, Peter Graves as Captain Rodney Stimpson, Andrew Prine as Sibley and Michael Ansara as Iron Jacket.

Also in the cast are Roy Barcroft, George Wallace, Don Beddoe, Richard Farnsworth, Linden Chiles, Stuart Anderson, Kelly Thordsen and Nora Marlowe.

It is written by Wells Root, Harold Greene, Ben Starr and John Gay, shot by Russell Metty, produced by Harry Keller and scored by Frank DeVol and Joseph Gershenson.

© Derek Winnert 2016 Classic Movie Review 4779

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