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Palm Springs Weekend ** (1963, Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Ty Hardin, Robert Conrad, Stefanie Powers) – Classic Movie Review 6242

‘IT’S WHERE THE BOYS ARE AND THE GIRLS ARE…that swingin’ vacation weekend when American youth descends on America’s swankiest playground!’ As a kind of follow-on from 1960’s Where the Boys Are, this one could have been […]

Nov, 13

Madame Sousatzka *** (1988, Shirley MacLaine, Navin Chowdhry, Peggy Ashcroft, Twiggy, Leigh Lawson) – Classic Movie Review 6025

Shirley MacLaine stars as Madame Sousatzka, dotty piano teacher to a 15-year-old prodigy, Manek Sen (Navin Chowdhry), in co-writer/ director John Schlesinger’s pleasantly offbeat 1988 drama of life in a West London house peopled by […]

Sep, 13

These Three **** (1936, Miriam Hopkins, Merle Oberon, Joel McCrea) – Classic Movie Review 5684

Because of the strict movie censorship rules of the Thirties, Lillian Hellman’s lesbian Broadway play The Children’s Hour couldn’t be filmed properly until 1962, when it was filmed under its proper title of The Children’s […]

Jun, 28

Detour *** (2016, Tye Sheridan, Emory Cohen, Bel Powley, Stephen Moyer, John Lynch) – Movie Review

Detour is stylish and intriguing, smartly shot, and Tye Sheridan and co do a good job with the acting. But it never gets beyond interesting because it is way too self-conscious, emotionally chilly and tricksy […]

May, 21

Pimpernel Smith **** (1941, Leslie Howard, Mary Morris, Francis L Sullivan, Hugh McDermott, Raymond Huntley) – Classic Movie Review 5435

Producer/ director/ star Leslie Howard takes the Scarlet Pimpernel character into World War Two in his witty and exciting 1941 film reworking, with the director-star himself returning to one of his most famous roles in […]

May, 11

Baby It’s You **** (1982, Rosanna Arquette, Vincent Spano, Joanna Merlin) – Classic Movie Review 5211

Writer-director John Sayles’s 1982 romantic comedy drama is an extremely pleasing 1960s-set high school story about two mismatched lovers – an Italian boy with serious clothes an an attitude problem and the pretty Jewish schoolgirl […]

Mar, 28

Waterland **½ (1992, Jeremy Irons, Sinéad Cusack, Ethan Hawke, Grant Warnock, David Morrissey, John Heard) – Classic Movie Review 5137

Jeremy Irons stars as a Tom Crick, a disillusioned high school history teacher who has been a teacher in an American school for 20 years but is having trouble connecting with his students and his […]

Mar, 11


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