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Flesh and the Devil ****½ (1927, John Gilbert, Greta Garbo, Lars Hanson) – Classic Movie Review 5326

This famous 1927 silent movie is the first of seven Greta Garbo films directed by Clarence Brown and first of four with her beloved favourite co-star, John Gilbert. Garbo stars as Felicitas, who seduces various […]

Apr, 20

The Last of the Mohicans **** (1920, Wallace Beery, Barbara Bedford, Lillian Hall, Harry Lorraine, Theodore Lorch, Alan Roscoe, James Gordon) – Classic Movie Review 4665

Wallace Beery makes a sterling hero as the Indian runner Magua in this famous 1920 silent movie. Directors Maurice Tourneur and Clarence Brown’s exciting, well-made adventure yarn is based on James Fenimore Cooper’s classic tale of the […]

Nov, 19

The Birth of a Nation ***** (1915, Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, Henry B Walthall, Miriam Cooper, Donald Crisp, Ralph Lewis) – Classic Movie Review 3782

Producer-writer-director D W Griffith’s racist 1915 silent movie landmark tale of two families during and after the American Civil War is the American cinema’s first epic and it can still exert a strong hold on […]

May, 29

Spione [Spies] **** (1928, Rudolph Klein-Rogge, Gerda Maurus, Willy Fritsch) – Classic Movie Review 3005

The great Austrian producer-director Fritz Lang’s epic 1928 German silent classic spy thriller yarn is packed full of intrigue, chases, romance, seduction, betrayal, espionage atmosphere and fascinating characters. Rudolph Klein-Rogge stars as crippled banker Haghi, […]

Oct, 23

Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ ***** (1925, Ramon Novarro, Francis X Bushman, May McAvoy) – Classic Movie Review 2292

Director Fred Niblo’s glorious 1925 silent movie masterpiece of General Lew Wallace’s bestselling 1880 novel is an all-time film classic. It stars Ramon Novarro as Judah Ben-Hur, the head of a noble Jewish family at the […]

Mar, 21


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