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Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll *** (1987, Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton) – Classic Movie Review 5176

Director Taylor Hackford’s 1987 documentary is a flamboyant, thoroughly enjoyable salute to the seemingly immortal Chuck Berry, with archive footage from the early Fifties, fantastic interviews with Sixties survivors and the old rocker himself, plus footage […]

Mar, 19

How to be Very, Very Popular ** (1955, Betty Grable, Sheree North, Charles Coburn, Robert Cummings, Orson Bean, Tommy Noonan, Fred Clark) – Classic Movie Review 5168

In her final film, aged 39, the Very, Very Popular Betty Grable bows out with writer-director Nunnally Johnson’s thin but amiable 1955 comedy, with only one song by Jules Styne and Sammy Cahn – the title […]

Mar, 16

High School High * (1997, Jon Lovitz, Tia Carriere, Louise Fletcher, John Neville, Mekhi Phifer) – Classic Movie Review 4995

Director Hart Bochner’s 1997 Zucker Brothers comedy is an impressively awful parody of Michelle Pfeiffer’s 1995 school film Dangerous Minds, with a charmless performance by Jon Lovitz, playing Richard Clark, the posh son of headmaster […]

Feb, 07

Boots! Boots! ** (1934, George Formby, Beryl Formby, Arthur Kingsley, Tonie Forde, Lillian Keyes) – Classic Movie Review 4830

Director Bert Tracy’s 1934 British musical comedy features George Formby in his film debut, aged 28, as a busy hotel’s inept singing shoeshine man called John Willie. Formby’s real-life wife and Svengali, Beryl Formby, co-stars as […]

Dec, 31

Burn Burn Burn ***½ (2015, Laura Carmichael, Chloe Pirrie, Joe Dempsie, Jack Farthing, Jane Asher, Nigel Planer, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Alice Lowe, Sally Phillips, Alison Steadman) – Movie Review

Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith Crawley in Downton Abbey) and Chloe Pirrie star as busom buddies Seph and Alex, who attend the funeral of their best friend Dan (Jack Farthing), who has died of a rare cancer at 29. Dan’s […]

Oct, 21

The Bride and the Beast [Queen of the Gorillas] * (1958, Charlotte Austin, Lance Fuller, Johnny Roth, William Justine, Gil Frye, Jeanne Gerson, Steve Calvert) – Classic Movie Review 4218

Charlotte Austin stars as The Bride who turns her attentions away from her explorer groom (Lance Fuller) to The Beast – his gorilla – in director Adrian Weiss’s incoherent, awesomely terrible 1958 chiller. Under hypnosis, she […]

Aug, 22

To Be or Not To Be **** (1983, Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft) – Classic Movie Review 1944

Director Alan Johnson’s surprisingly entertaining and successful 1983 remake of the classic 1942 Jack Benny-Carole Lombard World War Two wartime comedy drama stars Mel Brooks and his wife Anne Bancroft. It is the first time […]

Dec, 10


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