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The War Wagon *** (1967, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Howard Keel, Robert Walker Jr, Keenan Wynn, Bruce Cabot, Gene Evans, Bruce Dern) – Classic Movie Review 6481

Played for laughs, director Burt Kennedy’s 1967 movie cracks along at a fine gallop thanks to the sharp screenplay from Clair Huffaker (who adapts his novel The Badman) and the snappy direction. John Wayne (as […]

Dec, 28

Man of the Forest *** (1933, Randolph Scott, Verna Hillie, Harry Carey, Noah Beery Sr) – Classic Movie Review 6438

The young Randolph Scott shines in director Henry Hathaway’s excellently plotted 1933 adventure movie, based on the Zane Grey novel. Scott plays Brett Dale, who overhears a plan by greedy Clint Beasley (Noah Beery Sr) to kidnap Jim Gayner (Harry Carey)’s daughter Alice […]

Dec, 20

Two-Fisted Law ** (1932, Tim McCoy, Alice Day, Wheeler Oakman, Tully Marshall, Walter Brennan, John Wayne) – Classic Movie Review 5482

Tim McCoy stars as rancher Tim Clark, who, having been cheated out of his ranch becomes a prospector for silver and strikes it rich, and returns to Betty Owen (Alice Day), the woman he loves. […]

May, 19

Texas Cyclone ** (1932, Tim McCoy, John Wayne, Shirley Grey, Walter Brennan) – Classic Movie Review 5479

Director D Ross Lederman’s 1932 Columbia Pictures movie is a good-quality Tim McCoy B-movie Western, which gets a boost from a useful cast that includes the young John Wayne [aka Marion Morrison] as Steve Pickett, […]

May, 19

Horizons West **** (1952, Robert Ryan, Rock Hudson, James Arness, Julie Adams, Raymond Burr, John McIntire, Dennis Weaver) – Classic Movie Review 5397

Buckle up for LAWLESS RUTHLESS DEFIANCE! Director Budd Boetticher’s 1952 Western is a superior item, with both story-telling and film-making on a high level. Robert Ryan and Rock Hudson star as Texan brothers Dan and […]

May, 05

Tall in the Saddle *** (1944, John Wayne, Ella Raines, Ward Bond, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes, Audrey Long) – Classic Movie Review 5343

John Wayne is on fine form and so is Ella Raines in director Edwin L Marin’s bouncy, well-written and entertaining compact little 1944 Western with a straightforward thriller plot about a murdered ranch owner, the […]

Apr, 25

Rancho Deluxe **** (1975, Jeff Bridges, Sam Waterston, Elizabeth Ashley, Charlene Dallas, Clifton James, Slim Pickens, Harry Dean Stanton, Patti D’Arbanville) – Classic Movie Review 5099

Director Frank Perry’s 1975 updated Western, set in contemporary Montana, is quirky, cynical and highly appealing. In the Seventies-style modern-day setting, Navajo rugs are cleaned with a vacuum, Holiday Inns scar the Montana landscape and buffalo […]

Mar, 04


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