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Texas Lady ** (1955, Claudette Colbert, Barry Sullivan, Ray Collins, Gregory Walcott, James Bell, Horace McMahon) – Classic Movie Review 5478

‘WOMANLY WILES WERE HER WEAPONS!’ Director Tim Whelan’s 1955 Western has a surprise star in Claudette Colbert, who plays Prudence Webb, a determined woman who gambles with riverboat gambler Chris Mooney (Barry Sullivan) to pay […]

May, 19

Wild Bill **** (1995, Jeff Bridges, Ellen Barkin, John Hurt, Diane Lane, Bruce Dern, David Arquette, Christina Applegate, Keith Carradine) – Classic Movie Review 3740

This high, wide and handsome, great big, expensive 1995 Western about gun-toting lawman Wild Bill Hickok from tough-guy writer-director Walter Hill, the maker of 48 Hrs. (1982), is a huge treat for action and Wild West fans. An ideally […]

May, 22

Junior Bonner ***** (1972, Steve McQueen, Robert Preston, Ida Lupino, Ben Johnson, Joe Don Baker) – Classic Movie Review 3532

Director Sam Peckinpah’s quiet 1972 Western masterpiece tells the beautiful, elegaic tale of a middle-aged rodeo star who finds a disturbed family clashing with property developers when he goes back to his Arizona home for […]

Apr, 05

The True Story of Jesse James **** (1957, Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Agnes Moorehead, Hope Lange, John Carradine, Alan Hale Jnr, Alan Baxter, Frank Gorshin) – Classic Movie Review 3393

In 1957, director Nicholas Ray takes a fresh look at the much told Western tale of The James Brothers, and coaxes surprisingly strong work from his two young actors, Robert Wagner (Jesse James) and Jeffrey […]

Feb, 21

Unforgiven ***** (1992, Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Richard Harris) – Classic Movie Review 2397

Star-producer-director Clint Eastwood’s dark, violent and complex 1992 Western is his first after a long gap since Pale Rider in 1985. It is now hailed as one of the genre’s greatest. It triumphed as only […]

Apr, 16


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