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Tarzan and the Amazons *** (1945, Johnny Weissmuller, Brenda Joyce, Johnny Sheffield, Maria Ouspenskaya, Barton MacLane, Henry Stephenson) – Classic Movie Review 5905

‘ STRANGE ADVENTURE…in the secret wonder city of pagan forest maidens.’ Johnny Weissmuller stars again in RKO’s 1945 adventure as Tarzan, who this time looks after a tribe of women in a hidden Amazon valley threatened […]

Aug, 13

The Falcon in Mexico ** (1944, Tom Conway, Mona Maris, Martha Vickers) – Classic Movie Review 3214

‘Horror-Mask Key Clue As Master-Killer Slays Four!’ Michael Arlen’s débonair detective The Falcon (Tom Conway) goes with an artist’s daughter called Barbara Wade (Martha Vickers) to Mexico to investigate the roots of a case of murder […]

Jan, 02


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