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The Man Behind the Gun ** (1953, Randolph Scott, Patrice Wymore, Dick Wesson) – Classic Movie Review 6437

‘An Easy-Going Gent with Deadly Guns…and a Reputation to Match!’ Randolph Scott stars as handsome US Cavalry officer, Major Ransome Callicut, who goes undercover to pose as a teacher, subdues an Indian uprising and founds Los […]

Dec, 20

The Desert Trail ** (1935, John Wayne, Mary Kornman, Paul Fix, Eddy Chandler) – Classic Movie Review 6048

Director Cullen Lewis’s 1935 Western stars John Wayne as big-time rodeo rider star John Scott, who fights on the side of the law, in this routine Monogram studios B-movie. It is taken at a good lick […]

Sep, 24

High Noon ***** (1952, Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Thomas Mitchell, Lloyd Bridges, Harry Morgan, Katy Jurado, Lon Chaney Jr, Otto Kruger) – Classic Movie Review 115

Director Fred Zinnemann’s classic 1952 suspense Western is sparked by a quintessential Gary Cooper performance as Will Kane, the beleaguered and abandoned lawman desperately searching for support to save the ungrateful town of Hadleyville, New […]

Aug, 01


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