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Arise, My Love **** (1940, Claudette Colbert, Ray Milland, Walter Abel, Dennis O’Keefe, George Zucco) – Classic Movie Review 5177

Claudette Colbert and Ray Milland are delightful as a vivacious American reporter in Europe and the dashing aviator she helps out of tight scrapes at the end of the Spanish Civil War and the start of […]

Mar, 19

The Innocent Sleep *** (1996, Rupert Graves, Michael Gambon, Annabella Sciorra, Franco Nero, Oliver Cotton, Graham Crowden, John Hannah) – Classic Movie Review 2478

Director Scott Michell’s 1996 British thriller stars Rupert Graves who plays a real-life English north-country tramp called Alan Terry living homeless outside beside London’s Tower Bridge. One night he witnesses a killing, a mob execution. […]

May, 13

The Return of Frank James **** (1940, Henry Fonda, Gene Tierney, Jackie Cooper) – Classic Film Review 1064

Director Fritz Lang’s 1940 follow-up to 1939’s huge hit Jesse James is at least the equal of a marvellous original. Once more, the film was universally considered historically inaccurate but again was a commercial success. […]

Apr, 06

The Falcon Takes Over ***½ (1942, George Sanders, Lynn Bari, James Gleason, Edward Gargan, Ward Bond, Hans Conried, Turhan Bey) – Classic Movie Review 741

George Sanders stars in 1942 in a highspot in Michael Arlen’s débonair detective Falcon series, unexpectedly based on Raymond Chandler’s Farewell, My Lovely, and the first film of the great writer’s classic hardboiled thriller novel. […]

Jan, 24


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