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The Aristocats ***½ (1970, voices of Phil Harris, Eva Gabor, Maurice Chevalier, Sterling Holloway) – Classic Movie Review 5175

Producer-director Wolfgang Reitherman’s 1970 animated feature tells screen-writer Larry Clemmons’s story of an aristocratic cat and her three kittens, who are kidnapped and abandoned in the country by a mean butler who is afraid that they […]

Mar, 18

Beauty and the Beast *** (2017, Dan Stevens, Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Kevin Kline) – Movie Review

Director Bill Condon’s fairy tale musical is romantic, warm and good hearted. It has a charming, sweet nature that is easy to like and hard to take against. It is slickly and smoothly made in […]

Mar, 03

Tuck Everlasting ***½ (2002, Alexis Bledel, Jonathan Jackson, Sissy Spacek, William Hurt, Scott Bairstow, Ben Kingsley, Amy Irving, Victor Garber) – Classic Movie Review 4731

In the woods, young Winnie Foster (Alexis Bledel) meets a young man, Jesse Tuck (Jonathan Jackson), who is part of a family of immortals, who take her in for fear that she might reveal their […]

Dec, 02

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey *** (1993, Robert Hayes, Kim Griest, Jean Smart, voices Michael J Fox, Sally Field, Don Ameche) – Classic Movie Review 4351

Walt Disney Pictures’s sweet, amusing and engrossing 1993 family movie remake of its 1963 wildlife hit The Incredible Journey re-tells the tale of a trio of pets, two dogs and a cat, trekking across mountains, […]

Sep, 12

The Rookie **** (2002, Dennis Quaid, Rachel Griffiths, Brian Cox, Jay Hernandez, Beth Grant) – Classic Movie Review 4114

Director John Lee Hancock’s 2002 movie is a warm-hearted, expertly done, fact-based Disney drama about a Texas former professional baseball player called Jim Morris. He is a Texas high school chemistry teacher and coach of the […]

Aug, 01

Pete’s Dragon *** (1977, Sean Marshall, Mickey Rooney, Helen Reddy, Jim Dale, Red Buttons, Shelley Winters, Jim Backus, Jeff Conaway) – Classic Movie Review 3712

Don Chaffey directs Walt Disney’s modest 1977 musical mix of animation and live action, in which big green-and-purple, dopey magical cartoon dragon Elliott (created by animator Don Bluth, voiced by Charlie Callas) saves the nine-year-old sweet orphan […]

May, 16

The Jungle Book **** (2016, Neel Sethi, voices of Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Walken, Idris Elba, Garry Shandling, Scarlett Johansson) – Movie Review

Little Neel Sethi is ideal as the man-cub Mowgli who flees the jungle after a death threat from the tiger Shere Khan. Guided by Ben Kingsley and Bill Murray provide the excellent key voices of Bagheera the panther and the bear […]

Apr, 13


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