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Frankie and Johnny ** (1966, Elvis Presley, Donna Douglas, Harry Morgan) – Classic Movie Review 6261

Director Frederick de Cordova’s 1965 romantic musical stars Elvis Presley as Johnny, a singing gambler on a Mississippi river showboat, who is tempted away from his lover Frankie (Donna Douglas) by the charms of sweet Nellie […]

Nov, 15

Fear Is the Key *** (1972, Barry Newman, Suzy Kendall, John Vernon, Dolph Sweet, Ray McAnally, Ben Kingsley) – Classic Movie Review 6257

Barry Newman stars as the hard-bitten adventurer John Talbot, who sets about plotting an elaborate scheme to avenge the deaths of his wife and child in a plane crash. Alistair MacLean’s 1961 novel provides the […]

Nov, 15

The People Under the Stairs *** (1991, Brandon Adams, Everett McGill, Wendy Robie, A J Langer, Ving Rhames, Sean Whalen) – Classic Movie Review 6224

The People Under the Stairs is a vigorous old dark house shocker from writer-director Wes Craven, also the iconic innovative horror movie director of The Last House on the Left (1972), The Hills Have Eyes, A Nightmare on […]

Nov, 10

Joe ** (1970, Peter Boyle, Susan Sarandon, Patrick McDermott, Dennis Patrick, Audrey Caire) – Classic Movie Review 6162

Peter Boyle gives a remarkable performance of repellent power as Joe Curran, in director John G Avildsen’s revolting, nasty-toned 1970 right-wing tract that was a huge hit against the apparent peace-and-love mood of the times […]

Oct, 30

The Asphyx *** (1972, Robert Stephens, Robert Powell, Jane Lapotaire) – Classic Movie Review 6148

Director Peter Newbrook’s macabre 1973 British horror movie stars Robert Stephens as Sir Hugo Cunningham, an obsessed brilliant Victorian scientist who traps the spirit of death (the Greek-named Asphyx of the title), which supposedly enters bodies […]

Oct, 27

A Woman’s Secret *** (1949, Maureen O’Hara, Melvyn Douglas, Gloria Grahame, Victor Jory, Bill Williams) – Classic Movie Review 6076

Director Nicholas Ray’s intriguing and unusual 1949 film noir-style mystery melodrama, with hints of Mildred Pierce and All About Eve, is based on a novel called Mortgage on Life by Vicki Baum, the author of […]

Oct, 11

A Fantastic Woman [Una Mujer Fantástica] **** (2017, Daniela Vega, Francisco Reyes, Luis Gnecco) – Movie Review 

Chilean actress, lyrical singer and trans woman Daniela Vega gives a Fantastic performance as Marina, a waitress and nightclub singer, whose much older boyfriend suddenly dies of an aneurism. Marina is bowled over by his death but is […]

Oct, 01


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