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The Night the World Exploded * (1957, Kathryn Grant, William Leslie, Tristram Coffin) – Classic Movie Review 6109

‘Super-quake tilts the earth!’ Director Fred F Sears’s silly and not much fun 1957 science fiction film stars Kathryn Grant as Laura Hutchinson, William Leslie as Dr David Conway, Tristram Coffin as Dr Ellis Morton, Raymond Greenleaf as Governor Chaney and Charles Evans as […]

Oct, 19

The Emerald Forest **** (1985, Powers Boothe, Meg Foster, Charley Boorman) – Classic Movie Review 5456

Director John Boorman’s 1985 jungle adventure is both thrilling and uplifting, with director Boorman’s own son Charley Boorman starring as Tommy, a boy kidnapped at seven and brought up by an Amazon aboriginal tribe on […]

May, 15

The Temptress *** (1926, Greta Garbo, Antonio Moreno, Lionel Barrymore) – Classic Movie Review 5328

Directors Fred Niblo and Mauritz Stiller’s 1926 silent movie classic stars Greta Garbo, who commands the screen playing Elena, a woman who drives men mad with desire and leads them to commit murder and then […]

Apr, 20

Spitfire ** (1934, Katharine Hepburn, Robert Young, Ralph Bellamy) – Classic Movie Review 3940

Director John Cromwell’s 1934 drama stars a miscast Katharine Hepburn, who adopts a very theatrical manner in a hollow, unconvincing performance as an illiterate mountain girl called Trigger Hicks, who arouses passion in both philandering […]

Jun, 26

Proof of Life **** (2000, Meg Ryan, Russell Crowe, David Morse, David Caruso, Pamela Reed) – Classic Movie Review 1032

Director Taylor Hackford’s 2000 thriller is the one where Meg Ryan met and fell for Russell Crowe in real life. It is a scalding, epic action thriller about kidnap and retrieval. Alice Bowman (Ryan) begs […]

Apr, 01

Hard Rain **** (1997, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Randy Quaid, Minnie Driver, Ed Asner) – Classic Movie Review 315

Director Mikael Salomon’s extremely well done, exciting, first-class 1997 crime thriller boasts a new idea at its heart and a wonderfully convincing production, achieved under the most difficult of circumstances. A storm hits a small […]

Oct, 23


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