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The Boy Who Turned Yellow *** (1972, Mark Dightam, Robert Eddison, Helen Weir, Brian Worth, Esmond Knight) – Classic Movie Review 5507

Michael Powell’s last film, released in the UK on 16 September 1972, was for the Children’s Film Foundation – ironically since this was the man driven out of Britain by the over-reaction to his horrific psycho serial killer […]

May, 27

Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife *** (1938, Claudette Colbert, Gary Cooper, David Niven, Edward Everett Horton) – Classic Movie Review 5472

The vintage Alfred Savior play is dusted off in 1938 for Claudette Colbert as Nicole De Loiselle, the daughter of a poor French marquis (Edward Everett Horton), who wants to show her much-married American multi-millionaire […]

May, 18

L’Auberge Rouge [The Red Inn] **** (1951, Fernandel, Françoise Rosay, Julien Carette, Marie-Claire Olivia) – Classic Movie Review 4946

Fernandel’s 1951 classic movie is a gloriously macabre piece of French Grand Guignol black comedy, crisply written by the screen-writing team of Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost, and expertly handled by director Claude Autant-Lara, who […]

Jan, 27

Last of the Red Hot Lovers *** (1972, Alan Arkin, Sally Kellerman, Paula Prentiss, Renée Taylor) – Classic Movie Review 4662

Director Gene Sacks’s 1972 comedy of adultery stars some of the Seventies funniest movie people, who help raise a lot of laughter in this jolly, often very amusing film of Neil Simon’s play. Alan Arkin […]

Nov, 18

The Woman in Red *** (1984, Gene Wilder, Kelly LeBrock, Charles Grodin, Joseph Bologna, Judith Ivey, Gilda Radner) – Classic Movie Review 4269

Gene Wilder writes, directs and stars in this extremely bubbly and highly amusing 1984 madcap romantic comedy based on Yves Robert’s 1974 French farcical film Pardon Mon Affaire (Un éléphant ça trompe énormément) with Jean Rochefort. […]

Aug, 30

Pink Cadillac *** (1989, Clint Eastwood, Bernadette Peters, Timothy Carhart, Geoffrey Lewis, William Hickey) – Classic Movie Review 4096

Director Buddy Van Horn’s engaging laid-back 1989 adventure comedy stars Clint Eastwood as Tommy Nowak, a wrinkly California bounty hunting bail-bondsman (or ‘skip-tracer’) who goes out of his way to befriend his current victim Roy McGuinn […]

Jul, 28

Le Rayon Vert [The Green Ray] **** (1986, Marie Rivière, Vincent Gauthier, Béatrice Romand, Rosette, Amira Chemakhi ) – Classic Movie Review 1961

Marie Rivière stars as a 20something Parisian secretary singleton yearning for the true love that’s eluded her so far. The emotionally vulnerable vegetarian Delphine is depressed when she’s forced to spend her summer holiday alone […]

Dec, 16


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