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Viva Maria! **** (1965, Jeanne Moreau, Brigitte Bardot, George Hamilton) – Classic Movie Review 5833

The surprisingly but delightfully paired French icon megastars Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot star as the two Marias, a song ‘n’ dance duo who get involved in serious political affairs, and a joint love affair […]

Jul, 31

Shadows and Fog ** (1991, Woody Allen, John Cusack, Mia Farrow, Kathy Bates, Jodie Foster, Lily Tomlin, Donald Pleasence, Madonna, Fred Gwynne, Julie Kavner, John Malkovich) – Classic Movie Review 5755

Writer-director-star Woody Allen’s 1991 movie pastiches the 1920s melodrama, complete with black and white and chiaroscuro effects, and a tale of a Jack the Ripper-style murderer on the loose in the shadows and fog. It […]

Jul, 14

Trapeze *** (1956, Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Gina Lollobrigida, Katy Jurado, Thomas Gomez) – Classic Movie Review 5709

‘It happens there in mid-air…in all its fire, flesh and fury!’ Other than the obvious attractions of the star cast and the displays of trapeze stunts, the best thing about the movie is that the […]

Jul, 04

The Great Waldo Pepper *** (1975, Robert Redford, Bo Svenson, Bo Brundin, Susan Sarandon, Geoffrey Lewis) – Classic Movie Review 5443

Director George Roy Hill’s 1975 period adventure movie showcases Robert Redford at his matinée idol peak, all gleaming and dashing, as a daredevil plane acrobat called Waldo Pepper. Hill, Redford’s director on The Sting (1973) and […]

May, 12

Two Brothers *** (2004, Guy Pearce, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Freddie Highmore) – Classic Movie Review 5333

Co-producer/ co-writer/ director Jean-Jacques Annaud’s entertaining 2004 adventure is set in French Indochina in the 1920s. Guy Pearce stars as a hunter called Aidan McRory who has a fight on his hands when he unites […]

Apr, 23

Captive Wild Woman ** (1943, Evelyn Ankers, Acquanetta, John Carradine, Martha Vickers, Milburn Stone, Lloyd Corrigan, Fay Helm) – Classic Movie Review 5239

Director Edward Dmytryk’s 1943 horror movie stars John Carradine as mad scientist Dr Sigmund Walters, who is experimenting in glandular research and transfuses a woman’s blood into the veins of Cheela, the circus ape. Then, […]

Apr, 02

The Serpent’s Egg ** (1977, Liv Ullmann, David Carradine, Gert Fröbe, Heinz Bennent) – Classic Movie Review 4837

The Serpent’s Egg is the 1977 unhappy product of writer-director Ingmar Bergman’s tax-induced exile in Germany from his native Sweden. Despite the copious talent involved, we have seen it done better elsewhere. Its star David […]

Jan, 03


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