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Bunny O’Hare ** (1971, Bette Davis, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Cassidy) – Classic Movie Review 6023

Director Gerd Oswald’s 1971 golden years comedy pairs Bette Davis and Ernest Borgnine as penniless widow granny Bunny O’Hare and old thief Billy Green, who team up to rob banks like antique hippy, motor-biking Robin Hoods! […]

Sep, 13

That’ll Be the Day **** (1973, David Essex, Ringo Starr, Rosemary Leach, James Booth, Robert Lindsay, Billy Fury, Keith Moon, Rosalind Ayres, Deborah Watling) – Classic Movie Review 5453

Director Claude Whatham’s 1973 British pop musical drama is thoroughly enjoyable, and deeply old-fashioned, with a thrilling nostalgic vintage soundtrack. David Essex gives an appealing, expert star performance as Jim MacLaine, a troubled, restless working […]

May, 14

I Didn’t Do It **½ (1945, George Formby, Dennis Wyndham, Hilda Mundy, Gaston Palmer, Jack Daly, Carl Jaffe) – Classic Movie Review 3822

For this British comedy crime film, Marcel Varnel directs George Formby in 1945 – and fairly well and amusingly too, especially for a comedy from Formby’s period of decline. Formby stars as entertainer George Trotter who […]

Jun, 08

There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble *** (2000, Robert Carlyle, Ray Winstone, Lewis McKenzie, Jane Lapotaire, Gina McKee) – Classic Movie Review 2795

This easy-going junior-league British footie comedy comes from director John Hay in 2000, complete with a well-meaning, too-cosy, simple story, and laid-back, appealing performances. Lewis McKenzie plays shy, bullied Manchester schoolboy Jimmy Grimble who would […]

Aug, 09

The Girl Can’t Help It **** (1956, Jayne Mansfield, Tom Ewell, Edmond O’Brien, Barry Gordon, Henry Jones, John Emery, Juanita Moore, Julie London) – Classic Movie Review 1147

Producer/co-writer/director Frank Tashlin puts his comic-strip style onto this enjoyable 1956 musical satirical farce. Edmond O’Brien plays Fats Murdock, a gangster who takes on decrepit, down-at-heel PR agent Tom Miller (Tom Ewell) to publicise his sexy, blonde bombshell, bimbo girlfriend […]

Apr, 26


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