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Running Brave *** (1983, Robby Benson, Pat Hingle, Claudia Cron, Jeff McCracken, Graham Greene) – Classic Movie Review 4994

Director Donald Shebib’s winning 1983 Canadian sports drama tells the engaging true tale of Billy Mills, the Sioux Indian, who, after quitting his tribe to make his mark in athletics, runs to glory in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics to win the 10,000 meter long distance foot race.

Written by Henry Bean and Shirl Hendryx, it is a story dripping with sentiment and feel-good moments, lit up with a sweet, winning, puppy-dog central performance from Robby Benson.

It plays like Chariots of Fire crossed with Dances with Wolves, and, though admittedly comparatively minor league, it is not that much less entertaining than either of them. Pat Hingle is outstanding as Mills’s college Coach Bill Easton.

Also in the cast are Claudia Cron, Jeff McCracken, Graham Greene and August Schellenberg as Billy’s Father.

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