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Fright Night Part 2 ** (1988, Roddy McDowall, William Ragsdale, Traci Lin, Julie Carmen) – Classic Movie Review 6093

William Ragsdale returns as Charley Brewster, the teenager who had a vampire as his next-door neighbour in Fright Night (1985) for director Tommy Lee Wallace’s less fun 1988 sequel to the cult vampire comedy. And […]

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Fright Night **** (1985, Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Roddy McDowall) – Classic Movie Review 6092

Chris Sarandon has apparently been taking lessons in smooth, polished bloodsucking from Christopher Lee for his performance as bloodsucker Jerry Dandrige, in this rousing, exceptionally good-humoured 1985 horror movie from writer-director Tom Holland. William Ragsdale plays […]

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The Accused **** (1988, Kelly McGillis, Jodie Foster, Bernie Coulson) – Classic Movie Review 6091

Jodie Foster won a Best Actress Oscar for delivering an edgy, exceptional performance as Sarah Tobias, the victim of a gang rape seeking justice with the help of ice-cool attorney Kathryn Murphy (Kelly McGillis) in […]

Oct, 14

Unlawful Entry * (1992, Kurt Russell, Ray Liotta, Madeleine Stowe) – Classic Movie Review 6090

Kurt Russell and Madeleine Stowe star as a white middle-class married couple who call the cops when a black robber breaks into their LA suburban home. Ray Liotta plays one of the cops, a psychotic […]

Oct, 13

The Face [The Magican] [Ansiktet] **** (1958, Max von Sydow, Ingrid Thulin, Gunnar Björnstrand) – Classic Movie Review 6089

Director Ingmar Bergman’s 1958 religious fantasy film, in which a 19th-century mesmerist Albert Emanuel Vogler (Max von Sydow) and his wandering band are interrogated by small-town officials when their powers are challenged, is a dark, […]

Oct, 13

Brainstorm *** (1983, Natalie Wood, Christopher Walken, Louise Fletcher, Cliff Robertson) – Classic Movie Review 6088

Producer-director director Douglas Trumbull’s 1983 sci-fi thriller hokum about a devastating device that records emotions to transmit them to other people is fairly engaging. Christopher Walken and Louise Fletcher steal the film as the brilliant research […]

Oct, 13

78/52 **** (2017) – Movie Review

Director Alexandre O Philippe dissects the Psycho shower murder scene to riveting effect, with the help of some remarkable, over-excited experts and some great vintage clips. It is, quite obviously, a film buff’s paradise, and […]

Oct, 12



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