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Not of This Earth * (1995, Michael York, Parker Stevenson, Elizabeth Barondes) – Classic Movie Review 3956


Director Terence H Winkless’s quite bad and totally uncalled for 1995 movie is the second remake of the 1957 Roger Corman movie about a vampire alien arriving on Earth.

Admittedly, it is decently special effects led but it is no more interesting because of it, though the show does have a welcome campy sense of fun.

Michael York takes over from Paul Birch as Paul Johnson, the new neighbour in a US small-town whose eyes can suddenly go Day-Glo. Yes, an anemic alien has come to Earth from a dying planet and has crossed the Galaxy in search of our blood.

At least Corman himself executive produces, and the film is based on the 1957 original screenplay by Charles B Griffith and Mark Hanna, with the new script by Charles Philip Moore.

Also in the cast are Parker Stevenson, Elizabeth Barondes, Richard Belzer, Mason Adams, Ted Davis, Julia McNeal, Bob McFarland, Wendy Buckner and Jennifer Coolidge.

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