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Mutafukaz *** (2017) – Movie Review 

This head-banging 2017 France and Japan co-production is an incredibly insane, and insanely imaginative, fast-moving animated feature from writer-director Guillaume Renard and co-director Shoujirou Nishimi. It is one hell of a wild ride.

It is set in Dark Meat City, where young deadbeat Angelino is trying to carve out a meagre life, which is transformed by a scooter accident caused by a beautiful stranger. Angelino enters a waking nightmare, seeing monstrous forms prowling the city.

A comic book come to life on screen, it is a riot of colour, quirky characters, laughs, sounds and provocative ideas.

It is showing on 8 October 2017 at the London Film Festival.

I hope they don’t get into censorship troubles with the sweary title.

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