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Me You Them [Eu Tu Eles] *** (2001, Regina Casé, Lima Duarte, Stênio Garcia) – Classic Movie Review 5314

Producer-director Andrucha Waddington’s expert, comic real-life 2001 Brazilian drama is about a lusty, earthy and unmarried woman called Darlene (Regina Casé) who marries an older man, Osias (Lima Duarte).

Osias is forced to decide whether to overlook his wife’s obvious indiscretions with a number of local men when she gives birth to a succession of sons — none of whom resemble him.

It is written by Elena Soarez, shot by Breno Silviera, scored by Gilberto Gil, and co-stars Stênio Garcia, Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos and Nilda Spencer.

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