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Madagascar Skin ***½ (1995, Bernard Hill, John Hannah, Mark Anthony, Mark Pettitt, Danny Earl) – Classic Movie Review 4367


Madagascar Skin tells a dark, teasing tale of two very different men – played by John Hannah and Bernard Hill as you have never seen them before. Meeting on a bleak and barren coast, the characters start up an initially frosty relationship that turns, unexpectedly, to love.

One of them, Flint (Hill) is crusty, older and seemingly straight. The other, Harry, is a young gay man who has a birthmark on his face which has made him painfully shy.

Writer-director Chris Newby delivers a film of considerable style, and encourages bravura performances from the two admirable leads. Even if, as writer, Newby doesn’t press home his points hard enough and the film spills out some confusing and grotesque images, this admirable 1995 film version of Waiting for Godot mixed with Eraserhead is a work of imagination and bravery rare in British independent cinema.

Also in the cast are Mark Anthony, Mark Pettitt, and Danny Earl.

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