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Long Time Dead ** (2002, Joe Absolom, Tom Bell, Lara Belmont, Lukas Haas) – Classic Movie Review 4791

Though burdened with a heavy cargo of silliness, co-storywriter/director Marcus Adams’s 2002 British horror chiller is often quite skilful and creepy. Joe Absolom, Tom Bell, Lara Belmont and America’s Lukas Haas are among those in deadly danger when students playing with a Ouija board raise a demonic spirit.

In the screenplay by Daniel Bronzite, Eitan Arrusi, Chris Baker and Andy Day, eight young Londoners get the shock of their lives after foolishly conjuring up a fire demon in a seance on a Ouija board when the demonic spirit possesses one of the gang.

This slick, but silly and grisly British teen chiller doesn’t really have enough plot or thrills to fill its 94 minute running time, but it entertains with a few decent scary moments and good performances from Absolom and Haas.

Also in the cast are Melanie Gutteridge, James Hiller, Alec Newman, Mel Raido, Marsha Thomason, Michael Feast and Cyril Nri.

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