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Lone Star State of Mind ** (2002, Joshua Jackson, Jamie King, Matthew Davis) – Classic Movie Review 5147

Joshua Jackson stars in director David Semel’s 2002 movie as a young Texas small-town mechanic, who lands in trouble when he has to bail out his fiancée Baby (Jamie King)’s dim cousin Junior (D J Quails).

Junior has made the mistake of robbing a pizza delivery boy, with his ex-con buddy Tinker (Ryan Hurst), and ending up with $20,000 of drug money belonging to the Mob.

Jackson makes a reasonably appealing hero, but, written by Trevor Munson, this is a lively but strained crime black comedy in an already too-well-mined vein of story and situations.

The good cast helps – it also stars Matthew Davis, John Mellencamp, Sam McMurray and Thomas Haden Church.

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