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Jeremy **** (1973, Robby Benson, Glynnis O’Connor) – Classic Movie Review 3705


Writer-director Arthur Barron’s 1973 romance teams Robby Benson and Glynnis O’Connor in this tender, bitter-sweet tale of first-time love.

Benson stars as a shy young New York cellist student called Jeremy, who meets and romances upper-class aspiring teenage ballet dancer Susan (O’Connor) at an arts school, in this sweet and believable little romantic drama.

It is good that it does manage to be special, thanks mainly to the charming performances of the nice young stars, Barron’s very decent and appealing screenplay and Barron’s subtle handling.


It was made cheaply and transferred to 35-millimeter prints for theatrical distribution, though that does not show in the polished looking finished work. The teenage love scenes are sensitively handled. The TV version is cut but adds scenes unused in the cinema version.

Also in the cast are Len Bari, Leonard Cimino, Ned Wilson, Chris Bohn and Pat Wheel.

Benson and O’Connor re-teamed for Ode to Billy Joe (1976).

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