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High School Big Shot ** (1959, Tom Pittman, Virginia Aldridge, Howard Veit) – Classic Movie Review 4980

‘Million Dollar Murder!’ Writer-director Joel Rapp’s 1959 teen angst B-movie thriller stars Tom Pittman as Marv the title High School Big Shot, who helps a cute, gold-digging girl called Betty (Virginia Aldridge) with her homework , gets caught and turns to planning a heist on a shipping office for a million dollars in cash.

This Roger Corman-produced sincere effort, made at the time the American teenager had just recently been discovered, admittedly creaks quite a bit but it is still a little better than it sounds.

It is Corman’s fifth movie as producer.

Also in the cast are Howard Veit, Malcolm Atterbury, Stanley Adams, Byron Foulger, Bobby Hall, Peter Leeds, Jimmy Murphy, Louis Quinn and Larry Walker.

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